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"Form is emptiness, emptiness is form,

 emptiness is not separated from form,

 form is not separated  from emptiness,

 whatever is form is emptiness,

 whatever is emptiness is form".

 [Heart Sutra; Prajna-Paramita Sutra]





My work explores a way of reaching down into my ancestral origin, where I find my primeval sources and my spontaneous ideas, following a sort of echo coming from something extremely distant in time, as a landscape of memories. 

I transform my inspiration into a contemporary vision, things undergo a consumption, objects consume their life, becoming abandoned and fragmented refusal. I would also like to observe this situation of the perished, degraded and rejected objects as a compressed feeling that would be evident even in the scattered fragments and could also be seen as a paradigm of human life. 

My work is a result of the synthesis between "Primitivism" intended as an immersion in my ethnic origin and "Minimalism" that can be seen as a formal simplification. I use the traditional way of making combined to gestural and intuitive approaches, reflecting on everything that is neglected and carelessly abandoned in our environments, exalting the beauty of imperfection focused on chance, accident, diversity and contrast.

I also reflect on technology and its importance in everyday life, the positive side of it is shadowed by a massive production of objects that have lost their intrinsic value and aesthetic relevance because only function is predominant. 


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